Xi Gang (1746-1803) 奚岡, Chinese seal artist

The Chinese seal artist was an apprentice of Ding Jing. He was one of the “Eight Masters of Xileng.”

  • Pinyin: Xī Gāng
  • Wade-Giles: Hsi Kang
  • Also known as: Chunzhang (纯章); Hezhusheng (鹤注生); Luokan; Mengquan Waishi [Mangqian Waishi] (蒙泉 外史); Tiesheng (铁生)
  • Affiliation: Zhe School

Seals shown are not to scale.

XiGang5 XiGang6 XiGang7 XiGang3 XiGang2 XiGang1

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